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Delta Force “Crown Royal Black” Video Shoot Review

Delta Force

All in all the video shoot was a huge success! (Minus a couple of setbacks.) As I pulled up to C-Dubb’s studio I walked up on the members of Delta Force (Derty Den, Forward Progress and Cloverdale Rell) standing outside listening to producer C-Dubb explain his vision for the video. I was really intrigued! What really stole my attention was what was going around the cypher and I don’t mean bars! It was (what Forward Progress or FP) would consider an "extension cord", a blunt about the size of two cigarillos. I don’t smoke but looking at the size of that blunt I don’t think I would ever want to. Upon entering the set I saw 2 huge “Delta Force Flags”, crates wrapped in Caution and Warning tape, a lace canopy, and 4 black and gold mask. C Dubb was basing the set off of the movie “The Golden Child” with Eddie Murphy where a couple guys or on a quest to find a girl (That was standing in the lace canopy) with his own little dark twist.

After the round table meeting and a couple of cups of Crown Royal Black, the initiation began. The camera starting rolling and the Delta Force filed in formation with two females on each end holding the Delta Force flags. The “high ranking officer” pranced back and forth indoctrinating the “moon-criketz” on the reason and order for the meeting. This scene was like a mixture of Full Metal Jacket and Training Day put together. Being in that dark room, with the smoke rising from the floor and seeing the mask men cross over, I realized that my team is on another level. This is not just a video but a group of people who came together to take not just their careers, but hip-hop to the next level.

Besides the absence of 1/5th of Delta Force, the cold weather and the sudden outbursts of laughter the video shoot was fun and successful. It didn’t end until 2am but the dedication and working ethnics of everyone made time fly. The video will defiantly be a must see! Check out the video

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